I have been in the hobby since late 78-79, came back 90-91, and opened the first version of the shop on 9/11/01, selling it late 05-06. I officially bought it back in 2014. I have worked really hard to create and add to a great sports card community here in Omaha, I have a lot of regulars that stop in to hangout and catch up on sports and the hobby. I also have a lot of families stop in with young collectors looking for singles of their favorite players and or coming in to get some Pokemon we have on the shelves.

I do my best to provide product at affordable rates, it is getting increasingly difficult to do so, but I will always do what I can to keep prices affordable. We have lots of new and old sealed wax from Topps, Panini America, and Upper Deck. We also have a bunch of singles to help you finish a set.

I hope to have you stop in and check out the shop and strike up a conversation!

  • Scott

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